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Giant Preserved Pampas Stems - pack of 5



Our rare giant pampas grass is very large (approximately 180cm) with a rare plume length of 90cm which can take up to 3-4 years to grow and months to dye.

It goes without saying that at that size these stems have real wow factor, and yet their subtle fluffy texture can embue any space with a sense of subtle softness.  These stems really do create a design statement. You'll love the Scandinavian simplicity of this pampas grass with its neutral tones and delicate structure.

The long fluffy stems will sit perfectly in any setting, becoming a favorite feature in your home that will last for years. The perfect styling accessory to bring natural beauty to a dark corner, dining table centrepiece, kitchen island or hallway.

We have these giant pampas in stock and they will be sent from the UK.

These are real stems and as such may differ slightly in size and hue.

Aproximate dimensions:
Length (inluding stem): 180cm
Length (feather/plume): 90cm

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